Università degli Studi di Padova

“An inverse problem in electromagnetism with partial data”

Mercoledì 12 Maggio 2021, ore 17:00 - Zoom - Marco Marletta (Cardiff University, UK)


We consider the problem of detemining the permeability, permittivity and conductivity in a time-harmonic Maxwell system from measurements of the tangential components of the electric and magnetic fields, taken on an arbitrarily small, open subset of the boundary. We prove that under suitable hypotheses the problem has a unique solution. The key to the proof is a Runge-type theorem, which depends on a unique continuation principle.

This problem arises from applications to Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) and our work was part of a joint project with Paul Ledger in Swansea School of Engineering (now in Keele).

The results discussed in this seminar were funded by EPSRC grant EP/K024078/1 and published in a joint paper with Malcolm Brown and Juan Manuel Reyes Gonzales.

Online Seminar on Mathematical Methods in the Theory of Electromagnetism