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Marco Vianello: work on Polynomial Optimization via Approximation Theory

online publications and preprints (downloadable pdf)

  1. Quadrature-based polynomial optimization
    preprint, with A. Martinez, F. Piazzon and A. Sommariva
    Optim. Lett. 14 (2020), 1027--1036
    co-winner of the OPTL Best Paper Awards for 2020

  2. Chebyshev-Dubiner norming webs on starlike polygons
    J. Inequal. Spec. Funct. 10-3 (2019), 26--32

  3. Markov inequalities, Dubiner distance, norming meshes and polynomial optimization on convex bodies
    preprint, with F. Piazzon
    Optim. Lett. 13 (2019), 1325--1343

  4. Subperiodic Dubiner distance, norming meshes and trigonometric polynomial optimization
    Optim. Lett. 12 (2018), 1659--1667

  5. Global polynomial optimization by norming sets on sphere and torus
    Dolomites Res. Notes Approx. DRNA 11 (2018), 10--14

  6. An elementary approach to polynomial optimization on polynomial meshes
    J. Math. Fund. Sci. 50 (2018), 84--91

  7. A note on total degree polynomial optimization by Chebyshev grids
    preprint, with F. Piazzon
    Optim. Lett. 12 (2018), 63--71