Welcome to my website. You can find here some information on my views and my work in logic, constructive mathematics and philosophy of mathematics.
My general aim is to conceive and develop them in a dynamic and constructive way. Like everything in life should.
I like natural evolution and reject skyhooks of all kinds.
I hope the photographs here, by my wife and myself, will help to convey this idea.
Have a nice time!
Please contact me for exchange of ideas and any suggestion for improvement, both on my papers and on this site.


  • Didattica
    Online alcune esercitazioni per la preparazione all'esame e le soluzioni dei compiti delle ultime due sessioni.

  • The proceedings of the 2WFTop are now published. See APAL.

  • A paper on the minimalist foundation (with Milly Maietti).

  • A collection (101 pages) of my writings without formulae in Italian.

Logic, which alone can give certainty,
is the instrument of proof;
intuition is the instrument of invention.

Poincaré, La valeur de la Science, 1905