Numerical Linear Algebra (NLACIRM24)
CIRM Luminy (France), September 16 - 20, 2024










This meeting is dedicated to Michela Redivo-Zaglia for her birthday and her retirement. We will also celebrate the 65th anniversary of Hassane Sadok

The meeting will take place at CIRM (a French scientific center devoted to seminars and located in Luminy, near Marseille). HERE the CIRM's page devoted to this conference.

The deadline for registration is over (Deadline JUNE 28, 2024), but is still OPEN for late already preregistered participants.
They have to confirm their participation by using in this page the button STEP 2 - MANAGE MY RESERVATION. In this step you have to book your room, and it is the way for confirming your participation.
For more information see the page REGISTRATION

Abstract submission IS CLOSED (Deadline JUNE 15, 2024).
A booklet containing all the accepted talks and posters can be found HERE

The participation to this event is only for people that have been invited, preregistered and accepted by the committees.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together recognized international experts, young researchers, postdocs and Ph.D. students working on and around the methods of Numerical Linear Algebra. Linear algebra is central to many questions in numerical analysis and scientific computing. Numerical methods and linear algebra algorithms have a fundamental role in applied mathematics for the approximate solution of problems in various branches of science as well as in engineering. The design of new algorithms and the improvement of existing ones are the subject of current studies. Their efficient implementation on different types of computer architectures is essential for their success, especially for large computations. Writing libraries of programs for the public domain is also part of the work to be done. The most recent developments in numerical linear and multilinear algebra including tensor and quaternion analysis, graph theory, methods and techniques for Data Science, low rank approximation, Hadamard matrices, stochastic methods, machine learning, etc., will be treated. The most relevant aspects of the domain will also be covered: linear algebra, matrix analysis and approximation theory. The history of numerical linear algebra interests many researchers. Besides its intrinsic interest, the rediscovery of old and forgotten methods has led to recent advances. As can be verified by consulting the latest publications in this field, these are often co-authored by researchers from different countries, which shows the important impact that meetings like this one can have on the development of international research between universities, research centers, and industries.


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