Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing (NMSC21)
CIRM Luminy, November 8 - 12, 2021










This meeting is dedicated to Claude Brezinski for his 80th birthday and to the international journal Numerical Algorithms, Springer Nature, founded by him and whose first issue appeared 30 years ago.

Pre-registration and Abstract submission are closed.

The meeting will take place at CIRM (a French scientific center devoted to seminars and located in Luminy, near Marseille). HERE the CIRM's site devoted to this conference.

The aim of this conference is to gather international experts and young researchers working on numerical analysis and scientific computing. Numerical methods and algorithms are essential in the approximate solution of many problems in theoretical and applied physics and chemistry, in data science and other branches of sciences, and in engineering. The design of effective algorithms plays an essential role in the success of these methods, in particular for large-scale computations. Scientific computing is mostly concerned with the implementation of numerical algorithms on various types of computerís architectures. The writing of packages of routines for the public domain is a part of numerical analysis. The conference will cover the main topics related to numerical methods and scientific computing with a particular emphasis on numerical linear algebra, approximation theory, sparse approximation, network analysis, extrapolation and convergence acceleration, solution of nonlinear equations, orthogonal polynomials and quadrature, Padé approximation and continued fractions, inverse problems and regularization, software production and computer implementation, numerical stability and rounding errors, and history of mathematics. The fact that all these topics have interactions together and many applications in the solution of applied mathematics problems makes the conference interdisciplinary.

The participation to this event is only for people that have been invited, preregistered and accepted by the committees.


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