Organization of workshops and conferences

  • Approximation: Theory, Methods and Applications ATMA2023 (2023)
    Conference organized within the groups RITA and UMI-TAA at the University of Padova, Padova, January 18-20, 2023
    Organizing committee: C. Bandiziol (Padova, I), S. De Marchi (Padova, I), G. Elefante (Padova, I), W. Erb (Padova, I), M. Karimnejad Esfahani (Padova, I), F. Marchetti (Padova, I), G. Santin (Trento, I), A. Sommariva (Padova, I)

  • Kernel-based approximation methods (2022)
    Minisymposia MS83 and MS110 at the SIAM annual meeting (IS22) (hybrid), July 11-15, 2022
    Organizers: R. Cavoretto (Torino, I), W. Erb (Padova, I)

  • New Prospectives for Reconstruction and Modeling in Magnetic Particle Imaging (2022)
    Minisymposia MS88, MS98 and MS109 at the SIAM conference on Imaging Science (IS22) (online), March 21-25, 2022
    Organizers: C. Brandt (Hamburg, D), W. Erb (Padova, I)

  • Approximation Theory in Imaging Sciences (2021)
    Session at the 5th Dolomites Workshop on Constructive Approximation and Applications (DWCAA21) (online), September 6-10, 2021
    Organizers: C. Campi (Genova, I), W. Erb (Padova, I)

  • New Trends and Applications in Approximation Theory (2021)
    Minisymposia MS05, MS06, MS07 at the Congress of the Italian Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics SIMAI 2020+2021, Parma, August 30 - September 3, 2021
    Organizers: R. Cavoretto (Torino, I), F. Di Tommaso (Rende, I), W. Erb (Padova, I), I. Notarangelo (Torino, I)

  • Regularization in Mathematical Imaging (2019)
    Working group at the Dolomites Research Week on Approximation (DRWA19), Alba di Canazei (Trento, Italy), September 2-6, 2019
    Organizers: C. Campi (Padova, I), W. Erb (Padova, I), A. Weinmann (Darmstadt, D)

  • Applied harmonic analysis: when theory meets practice (2019)
    Minisymposium at the Workshop on Mathematical Signal and Image Analysis , Raitenhaslach (Germany), April 1-3, 2019
    Organizer: W. Erb (Padova, I)

  • International Workshop on Mathematical Imaging and Emerging Modalities (2016)
    International workshop at the Universität Osnabrück, Osnabrück (Germany), June 27-30 2016
    Organizers: C. Brandt (Kuopio, FIN), W. Erb (Lübeck, D), S. Kunis (Osnabrück, D), A. Weinmann (München, D)

  • 4th MathMPI workshop (2015)
    Workshop at the UKE Hamburg (Germany), September 24-25, 2015
    Organizers: W. Erb (Lübeck, D), M. Hofmann (Hamburg, D), T. Knopp (Hamburg, D)

  • Mathematical Methods for Magnetic Particle Imaging (2015)
    Minisymposium at the annual meeting of the DMV 2015 in Hamburg (Germany), September 22-23, 2015
    Organizers: W. Erb (Lübeck, D), A. Weinmann (München, D)

  • Mathematical Methods for Magnetic Particle Imaging (MathMPI) (2014)
    Kick-off meeting of the scientic network MathMPI at the Universität zu Lübeck, Lübeck (Germany), November 06-07, 2014
    Organizers: W. Erb (Lübeck, D), C. Kaethner (Lübeck, D), M. Ahlborg (Lübeck, D)