Publication list

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  • Deformations of hypersurfaces with non-constant Alexander polynomial. arXiv.
  • Curves with rational families of quasi-toric relations. arXiv.
  • Nodal complete intersection threefold with defect. arXiv.
  • Noether-Lefschetz theorem for hypersurface sections of singular threefolds. arXiv.

Journal papers

Edited Books

  • (with Frühbis-Krüger, A.; Schütt, M.) Algebraic and complex geometry. In honour of Klaus Hulek’s 60th birthday. Based on the conference on algebraic and complex geometry, Hannover, Germany, September 10–14, 2012.. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 71. (2014).

Chapters in books and articles in proceedings

  • (with Bas Heijne) A structure theorem for fibrations on Delsarte surfaces. arXiv. In: Arithmetic and geometry of K3 surfaces and Calabi-Yau threefolds, Springer (R. Laza, M. Schütt and N. Yui. eds.) 311–332 (2013)..
  • (with Stefan Keil) On the density of Abelian Surfaces with Tate-Shafarevich group of order five times a square. In: ANTS X: Proceedings of the Tenth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, (E.W. Howe and K.S. Kedlaya eds.) 423-435 (2013)..
  • (with Jose Ignacio Cogolludo-Agustin) Mordell-Weil groups and Zariski triples. arXiv. In: Geometry and arithmetic, European Mathematical Society (EMS), (C. Faber, G. Farkas, R. de Jong eds.) 75-89 (2012)..
  • Point counting on singular hypersurfaces. Revised version (deformation method is completly revised and some minor changes). In: Algorithmic number theory. 8th international symposium, ANTS-VIII Proceedings, Springer Verlag (A.J. van der Poorten and A. Stein eds.). LNCS 5011:327-341 (2008)..
  • (with K. Hulek, M. Schütt) Modularity of Calabi-Yau varieties. arXiv. In: Global Aspects of Complex Geometry, Springer Verlag (F. Catanese, H. Esnault, A. Huckleberry, K. Hulek and T. Peternell, eds.), 271-309 (2006).