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Full professor of Numerical Analysis
University of Padova, Italy
e-mail: marcov[at]math[dot]unipd[dot]it

Teaching: settore studenti/students area

Main research field: Multivariate Approximation and Applications

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editor: Dolomites Research Notes on Approximation


co-managing editor: Journal of Approximation Software (to be launched in 2023)

Journal of Approximation Software will publish in open-access mode well-structured accompanying articles
to open-source software (with no charge to authors, readers and users), on all aspects of approximation theory
and applications in its broadest sense.

Articles will be carefully peer-reviewed and the software tested. The publisher is University of Torino (Italy)
by its open-access platform SIRIO@UniTO. Implementations can use the most common languages and
environments like MATLAB, Python, C, C++, among others. The codes will be posted by the authors on stable
public platforms with a clear software versioning policy, such as GitHub.

There will be one general issue per year (with articles published continuously by acceptance date) and possible
thematic special issues including conference proceedings.


some research topics (with intersections): main current programs in multivariate approximation: