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CATCH: Caratheodory-Tchakaloff Subsampling

A discrete version of Tchakaloff theorem on the existence of positive algebraic cubature formulas, that can be proved by the well-known Caratheodory theorem on conical combinations of finite-dimensional vectors, entails that the information required for multivariate polynomial approximation can be suitably compressed. The framework here is approximating a discrete measure by another one, with the same polynomial moments up to a certain degree, and a (much) smaller support.

Extracting such "Caratheodory-Tchakaloff points" from the support of discrete measures by Linear or Quadratic Programming, we obtain compression of Algebraic Quadrature, QMC integration, Least Squares approximation and Polynomial Meshes on multivariate compact sets and manifolds.

Applications arise, for example, in the construction of efficient sensor networks (geospatial analysis), in optical system design (ray tracing method), and in numerical cubature on polygonal/polyhedral elements for the discretization of PDEs.




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