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ITES2007 - Sixth Italian-Spanish Conference on
Bressanone, 26-29 June 2007

The Seventh Italian-Spanish Conference on General Topology and its Applications     will take place in September 7-10, 2010 at Universidad de Extremadura, located at Badajoz (Spain).

ITES2007, the «Sixth Italian-Spanish Conference on General Topology and Applications», has been held in Bressanone (Italy) from June 26 to June 29, 2007.

The meeting, which takes place alternately in Italy and in Spain, aims to promote the cooperation between Italian and Spanish topologists. Traditionally, it attempts to stress the connections between Topology and other areas of mathematics, in particular Mathematical Analysis and Geometry.

The meeting has been housed in a building of the University of Padova:

Casa della Gioventù
via Rio Bianco
39042 Bressanone, Italy


Main speakers

The following topologists participated as invited speakers:

Contributed talks

A number of participants have applied for an individual communication of twenty minutes. The complete list of talks, including short communications, is available in the page of participants.

Official languages: Italian, Spanish, and English.

The social program included a dinner and an excursion in the Dolomiti mountains around Val di Funes.
A small photo gallery of the meeting.

ItEs2007 proceedings

As it was announced during the Conference, the proceedings of ItEs2007 will be published in the first volume of 2008 of Mathematica Pannonica, a special issue devoted to ItEs2007.

Articles and related correspondence should be addressed electronically to Professor Tironi within October 31, 2007 at

tironi «at» units.it
For review purposes, each article should be submitted as a single file (PDF files are welcome). In final submission, the file of accepted articles should be prepared in any version of TeX or LaTeX.

Bressanone (Brixen)

Bressanone is a very pleasant site at about 40 kilometers North of Bolzano (560 meters a.s.l.).
See the Bressanone home page.

Bressanone is placed on the railway line Verona-Innsbruck-Munich.
For foreign participants, it may be convenient to take a flight directed to one of the following airports.

Verona, about 190 km from Bressanone.
The airport Valerio Catullo of Verona-Villafranca is located at about ten kilometers from the center of Verona, about twenty minutes by bus or taxi from the railway station of Verona Porta Nuova. A bus service is scheduled every twenty minutes (tel. 045-8057911): you can buy your ticket on the bus (the price is 4,50 €).
Taxi services: Radio Taxi Catullo (tel. 045-9815997), Radio taxi Verona (tel. 045-532666), Taxi Auto Blu (tel. 045-8582035).
Munich, about 260 km from Bressanone.
See theMunich airport home page.
Milano, about 330 km from Bressanone.
See the Milano airports home page.
Venezia, about 310 km from Bressanone.
See the Venezia airport home page.
Italian railways timetable.


The scientific committee is composed by:

The Conference has been supported by:


See here a brief introduction of Gino Tironi to the series of Italian-Spanish Conferences on General Topology and Applications.

Previous editions:

The organizing committee:

Giuliano ArticoUmberto MarconiRoberto MorescoGino Tironi
Address: Dipartimento di Matematica Pura e Applicata
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