Università degli Studi di Padova

“H2020 in Hamiltonian Dynamics”

25-29 Luglio 2022 - Venezia, Centro Culturale Don Orione

Over the last decades, the study of Hamiltonian systems has seen outstanding advances, obtained by combining different approaches coming from dynamical systems, PDEs, perturbative techniques, probability, symplectic geometry, critical point theory…

The rapidity of the progress demand a deeper interchange of ideas among experts in the nearby fields. The purpose of this Conference is to bring together specialists working on Hamiltonian systems under complementary perspectives to address fundamental open problems in:

  • perturbative problems in Hamiltonian systems: KAM, Nekhoroshev theorem, diffusion (including the Arnold diffusion);
  • new symplectic or variational tools in celestial mechanics;

  • specific questions from Hamiltonian PDEs (like growth of Sobolev norms, Anderson localisation, Gibbs measures).

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