Selected Seminars

  • The homotopy exact sequence for overconvergent isocrystals, Jussieu 06/17 pdf
  • A semistable Lefschetz \((1,1)\) theorem in equicharacteristic, Luminy 03/17 pdf
  • \(\ell\)-independence over local function fields, Rennes 11/16 pdf
  • Rigid cohomology, classical and over Laurent series fields, Wuppertal 07/15 pdf1 pdf2
  • Rigid cohomology over Laurent series fields, London 16/15 pdf
  • \(p\)-adic cohomology over local fields of characteristic \(p\), Cambridge 11/14 pdf
  • A homotopy exact sequence and unipotent fundamental groups over function fields, Oxford 06/14 pdf
  • Rigid rational homotopy types and mixedness, London 03/14 pdf


  • In June 2015 I gave a few lectures to Masters students in Padova about fundamental groups in algebraic geometry. You can find the lecture notes here.
  • In Autumn 2014 I organised part of a graduate course at the London School of Number Theory and Geometry, the topic being the Weil conjectures and Betti numbers of moduli spaces. You can find the notes to my lectures on Weil cohomology theories and zeta functions here, and James Newton's notes from his lecture on Monsky Washnitzer cohomology here.