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Martino Garonzi

All'apparir del vero...

Postdoctoral fellow in Mathematics in Padova (Italy).
Mathematics Department (Torre Archimede)
Via Trieste 63, 35121, Padova (Italy).
Office 334, Floor 3.
Phone number: 0039 049 827 1328.
E-mail address: mgaronzi@math.unipd.it.

Starting from February 1st 2015 I will be a Postdoc in the University of Brasilia.

My interests are in algebra, and especially in group theory. This is my Ph.D Thesis.

Here are my publications:

Here are the slides of some talks I gave: Some talks of December 2014.

DIDATTICA DI SUPPORTO PER ALGEBRA 2 (A. A. 2014-2015) Materiale degli anni passati.

You might be interested in what I do apart being a postdoc. I have the following properties.